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Hey There. I’m Morgan.

Here’s the bottom line about me. I’m a girl who is figuring it all out. Perhaps I could call myself a woman, a mom, a business owner, an influencer, a social media maven, or I could make up some other bullshit title. But I stand by what I first told you. I’m a girl figuring it all out 

I’m a seeker. 

If I’m being honest, it’s a matter of survival for me. Like many of us nowadays, I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression, and just feeling like I didn’t fit into this world for my whole life. I’ve been looking for an answer.  A way to make it all make sense. 

Here is where I share what I’ve learned, and how I’ve managed to have a (mostly) happy and awesome life. 

She dreamt of feeling free. 
She dreamt of feeling empowered.
She dreamt of feeling joy.

She was tired of looking like she had it all together.
She was tired of inspiring others but feeling weak inside.
She was tired of happiness being a fleeting emotion.

And so she did something.
She did something bold.
She did something crazy.

She took a leap.

Who is “We?”

I was listening to the Lively Show today and someone was what can only be described as channeling. She kept referring to the her words as coming from "we" at one point during the episode. The same idea I had about what that meant and had realized recently about myself...

Absolute Vulnerability

What does vulnerability look like? What would I even want to be vulnerable? How can I break through the bullshit and fake vulnerability into something real? I feel like I always quote Brené Brown when talking about emotions, vulnerability, shame, etc. And why the hell...

Another Start

I started blogging around 6 years ago. At first there was no real intent behind it. It was just a place for me to share. A place for me to explore. A place for me to let all my demons out. Now it has become so sanitized and strategized. What's the point? Perhaps what...