Hi, I’m Morgan.

I am a blogger, freelance writer, and social media expert.


I LOVE working with Morgan! She is incredibly knowledgable, creative and easy to work with. Morgan helps me with every single part of my Facebook ads. She is somehow able to figure out what I am looking for (much better than I can) and make it a reality in record speed. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. I highly recommend working with Morgan for any of your social media needs!

Marcie Ward Taylor, Sunny and Bright in Primary

Morgan is amazing at the ins and outs of social media and teaching you how to not only build a following but how to connect the dots to link all your social media platforms together. She is kind & personable making her a real pleasure to work with & learn from.

Gineen Argiro-Green

Morgan's social media knowledge and ability to keep it all straight was a game changer for us when putting together our first digital product and launching it!

Chrysee Coburn, The Catching Guy