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I was listening to the Lively Show today and someone was what can only be described as channeling. She kept referring to the her words as coming from “we” at one point during the episode.

The same idea I had about what that meant and had realized recently about myself was something that Jess (the host) brought up.

When I write in my journal and am listening to a deeper knowledge that is both within and without me, it refers to the physical Morgan here on earth as “you.” It uses “we” to describe itself many times.

A few months ago I had the inspiration to perform a spell/ritual to retrieve the lost pieces of my soul. This theme of soul retrieval and reunification of all parts of me has come up numerous times over the last few months.

And finally the other night it all clicked. These “we” who is talking through me is me. But it is not just me the me that is in the current present moment, but the me that is present on all of the present moments. All of the iterations of me.

Though it’s not just me. It’s you. It’s all of us. All of the variations of one source speaking simultaneously.

For many years my parents had a bathroom straight out of the 80’s/90’s with allllll the mirrors in existence crammed into a small room. When you looked in one you saw your reflection behind you in another mirror. Then yourself reflected back to you again and again and again. Your reflection went on what seemed like for an infinite distance and space.

This is how we are in fact. We are there in infinite copies and variations along with everyone else’s infinite copies and variations. We have access to all the wisdom stored between all of us. And when we access that, we are in essence, God.