You spend what feels like a million hours writing the perfect blog post. You pour your heart and soul into your work.

…then you post it on social media and…


You’ve DIY’d your social media, and you’ve had some success, but this whole algorithm thing is just too much.

You can’t keep doing #allthethings without any results to show for it.

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the day when you finally have the engaged following you know you deserve and need to finally scale your business?

Well then you’re in the right place.


I’m Morgan, and I’m a Social Media Strategist.

I make social media simple for business owners looking to grow their business online.

I’ve spent years honing my craft through:

A Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Mass Communications from New York University.

Professional experience as a journalist covering news for national television networks, radio stations and newspapers.

8 years of experience in marketing and sales for social justice organizations.

PLUS – I’ve been there myself. I made the transition into this online world via my own blog and business.

I have the insight only someone who’s been in the trenches of starting your own online business can have.

When you work with me you’ll walk away with:

Clarity – There’s so much information out there. Which social media platforms are the best? Is Facebook dead? Do I need to pay for ads? I will sit down with you to not just create a clear plan for your social media marketing, but also how to implement it!

Knowledge – No matter how many online courses you take or books you read it seems like there’s always gap in information somewhere. I fill those gaps for you and pull together all of the pieces so they fit together in a nice picture for you.

Ease – Right now you’re probably a one-woman (or man) show. Perhaps you have a VA or two, but still… the bulk of the work falls on your shoulders. I help you simplify your strategy so it’s actually manageable, and then help you implement it.

As Social Media Strategist, my philosophy is that:
Social Media is fun! Ugh… I know it feels like work now, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to login to your social media accounts with joy and excitement instead of dread and crickets?

(Are you saying… Hell yes, Morgan?!)

Yeah… I thought so.

Head over here to schedule a quick consult call to see if we might be a good fit to work together.

And if you want to know a little more about me personally… just keep reading.


We are all scared to hire someone and spend money we don’t necessarily have. However, this takes you in the direction of making money! We launched our offer, made possible by Morgan! Morgan allowed me to get my feet wet my way!

Chrysee Coburn

Co-Owner, The Catching Guy

I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. Ya know… cows, corn fields, pickup trucks. The first chance I got, I headed out of there to New York City for college, then Washington D.C. and finally Philadelphia before recently moving back to that sweet little small town to raise my three children.

I’m the lucky mama of three amazing kids: Carolyn, my 3-year-old, and Sebastian and Maximus, my 4-month-old twins boys!

I love donuts, dancing, and singing. (My spirit animal is Poppy from Trolls.)

And the reason I am a Social Media Strategist is because I truly enjoy connecting with people online.

I’ve built some amazing friendships through social media and believe it can be a great force for good in the world!