5 Quick Tips to Get Unstuck

Hit a wall? Feel like you followed all the steps you were supposed to but are spinning your wheels? You're not alone. It happens to all of us! The question is... now what? I'm stuck and I can't get myself moving! Here I'm sharing with your 5 quick tips to get unstuck that I personally use.

I know how you feel. Want to know what I did/do when that happens?

Call in an expert. 

Whether it's a business bestie, my mastermind friends, or a mentor, I get outside advice. 

Why would I get outside advice when I myself am an expert? Because I'm too close to my business. 

And so are you.

To get around this... try these tips:

1. Call a friend. Have some entrepreneur friends or family you can get in touch with? Get in touch with them and see if you can brainstorm for each other. 

2. Don't have any entrepreneur friends? Make some. There's tons of Facebook groups you can join, including mine. :)

3. Take a break. Step away for a day or so. Sometimes we are just a little burned out and need a break.

4. Pray or meditate. We have so many thoughts racing through our brains. We need to unplug and reduce stress for our creativity to flow. Prayer and meditation are the two best ways that I'm able to do this, and highly recommend it. 

5. Look at it from a third person perspective. Studies have shown that by talking through your situation from as the third person helps make better decisions. So instead of thinking... What should I do? Think... What should SHE/HE do? (read more about this in another post of mine)

If you've tried this... and you're still stuck... time to call in the expert. 

If you already have a mentor, coach or consultant, book a session. 

If you don't... book me. My specialty is getting you past these blocks and moving forward. I will identify why you are stuck and give you direct next steps to take to move forward. 

Just click the "work with me" tab above or right here.