ConvertKit vs. Mailchimp: Which email service is best for you?

There are so many options when choosing which email service provider to go with, but for many bloggers and new online entrepreneurs, the questions comes down to ConvertKit vs. MailChimp. 

In this video I take you behind the scenes on each platform and show you the pros/cons of each.

When I began blogging I used MailChimp, but have since moved to ConvertKit. I'm also now an affiliate for ConvertKit, which means if you sign up through me I get a commission at no extra cost to you! I do however still recommend MailChimp as well for folks who are just starting out and are not ready to invest in a monthly cost yet. 🤓 (my ConvertKit link:

TWO IMPORTANT UPDATES: Since filming this live in December 2016 there are two updates to the platforms that are important to note. First, MailChimp now offers automation with it's free service. ConvertKit has recently rolled out a/b split testing on email subject lines. Both were huge pieces each platform was missing! The rest of this video is still accurate and up to date and covers the major features of each platform. 

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