How I Keep My Toddler Busy While I Work

I am not the most organized mom by far, but it became really clear that if I ever wanted to be able to sit at my desk and get work done I needed a plan. I had to figure out how to keep my toddler busy while I worked.

I usually would give Carolyn (who's 2.5 years old) coloring books or PlayDoh or puzzles... sometimes her iPad. But I didn't have a dedicated space in my office to keep all of her activity toys. So inevitable everything would get lost or destroyed. 

Today I decided to change that. I cleaned out a shelf in my office and made it just for her. I even got her a new set of crayons! But instead of just letting her have them all and dump/lose them within a week, I broke the big 120 count pack in 15 snack sized baggies of 8 crayons each. That way whenever she wants to color I can just grab one of those little baggies, which means it will take longer to go through them and it's easier cleanup!

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