Practicing Gratitude for Productivity

As a mom, productivity is key. Time is limited and I need to pack as much punch into each minute I can. So I've been trying some new ways of increasing my productivity. I eventually came upon the idea of practicing gratitude for productivity.

Thanksgiving is synonymous with gratitude so I’ve decided to commit to keeping a gratitude journal for the entire month of November. 


Research suggests that there are a ton of benefits in noting what you're grateful for, and not just in your personal life. These benefits could stretch into your business as well. (Check out this link to a blog post that includes links to a handful of studies

The bottom line is this; We have a tendency to focus on problems. We focus on not having enough time, being stressed, overwhelmed. We forget about all the things that are going right in our lives… and I'm afraid I've fallen into this trap.

It occurred to me the other day that I pretty much have everything I want in life. A husband I love, a beautiful home, an incredibly adorable and smart daughter, and a career that I love. 

However, I've always had this feeling like it's not enough. I need more. To be better. To be more productive. To be a better mom. To have more sex. To go on more vacations. I always want more, more, more. 

On one hand, it's a good thing. I'm ambitious, driven, and am always up for a challenge. 

On the other, it's a bad thing. If I'm always searching for something else, something more, something better, I can't and won’t enjoy the now. I can't feel the joy that is already present in my life. And what's worse is when I do finally achieve whatever I've set my eyes on, I'll be so quick to move onto the next thing and not take the time to savor the win I just had or the goal I’ve just achieved. 

There will always be more; more things on the to-do list, more goals to achieve, and the next level to reach. BUT, enjoying the present is absolutely essential to happiness. 

Gratitude, and more specifically writing down what you're grateful for on a regular basis is a shortcut to enjoying that happiness. It's simple and easy to do.

And a little added bonus, happiness=productivity. When you're stressed and anxious (or at least when I am) I procrastinate. I avoid the work. But when I'm happy the work seems to flow much more effortlessly. 

So while this undertaking of a gratitude journal is for my own personal general well being and happiness, I'm also acutely aware this will impact my business too! 

As I go through this month of gratitude, I'll share my progress with you, and I’m challenging you to join me!

Having an accountability partner greatly increases the likelihood of accomplishing a goal. So I’m enlisting all of you to be my accountability partners and in turn, I will be yours!

You don’t even have to keep a can use social media as your open gratitude journal! Each day in the month of November, simply post a photo on Instagram using the hashtag, #gratefulmompreneur. That’s it!

And to make it a little more interesting, I’m going to randomly choose 3 people who used #gratefulmompreneur to win a #mompreneur shirt from, or another item of your choice! 

Click this photo for your free Mompreneur Roadmap.

Click this photo for your free Mompreneur Roadmap.