Two quick tips for successful affiliate marketing and online marketing

So you're just getting into online marketing and affiliate marketing, and you're just not quite sure how to get the ball rolling. Maybe you've been in the biz for a while, but things feel stuck or stale. These two quick tips for successful affiliate marketing are essential to crushing it at any level. 

First, be authentic. Your friends and followers trust you. So make sure you protect that trust by only recommending products to them that you know, use and stand behind.

Second, think about who your friends and followers are. Who is reading your blog or scrolling your social media feed? If most of your friends are moms with high school age kids, it might not make sense to post a lot of affiliate links to toddler toys and car seats.

To help you be really clear about who you are trying to reach with your posts, I'm sharing with you 10 questions I used to create a worksheet on identifying your ideal client or ideal reader.

If you're not sure right now who you want to market to, this is a great way to start brainstorming.

1. Who do you like working with?

2. Who is the person who makes you feel most helpful when you work with them?

3. How old are they? What's their age? Gender?

4. What are their hobbies?

5. What other social media accounts or websites do they follow?

6. Do they have kids?

7. What is the number one problem they have you can help with?

8. Where do they hang out?

9. What's their income? How much would they pay for a product/service?

10. Who do you NOT want to work with?

It might take some time and refining, but this is a great place to begin thinking about who your ideal client, ideal customer, or ideal reader is. 

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