Seeing the forest through the trees

You know that old saying? Something like... "You can't see the forest through the trees." It means you are too close to something and can't see the bigger picture. Does this happen to you? Do you ever feel like you're too close to see what's really happening?

Every time I'm feeling stuck or unsure in my business I go to my business besties or Mastermind for help. 99% of the time they end up giving me the exact advice I would give a client. So, why can't I just give myself the advice? I'm too close. I'm too invested. I'm way to emotional about the decision or place I am to make the call myself. 

To remedy this, my idea was to start approaching my business as if it were a client's.

It's not easy to do. To shift the perspective. To get a bigger or broader view when you're in the trenches of your business every day. That's one reason most successful entrepreneurs have a business coach, mastermind group, or both. 

While I do have mentors and a mastermind, I wanted to get better at being able to have this big picture perspective when it came to my own business. So I did what any former journalist would do... I researched.

I came across this interesting article in Forbes. It caught my attention because it first validated my idea and also gave some interesting research into this. 

The findings showed that people gave more wise advice to themselves when they talked in the third person. 

So instead of thinking "what should I do?" reframe it to "what should Morgan do?" 

It seems simple right? I'm going to give this a try and I'll let you know how it goes. How about you? Can you use this idea to make decisions not just in your business but in your every day life? Next time you need help making a decision, imagine you are one of your girlfriends, mastermind buddies, or a mentor. What would they say? How would they approach the situation?

Give it a try. I am. 

Then if you still feel stuck, I'm here to help. You can click on the work with me tab to set up a call or go to to book a strategy session. Seeing the big picture and moving you past what is blocking your progress is my specialty. (except when it comes to myself of course. hehe.)