4 Things You Must Do to Succeed at Online Marketing

There's a lot of moving parts to successful online marketing, but the most important piece is building a relationship with your audience. These four things are critical to building that relationship, and if you DON'T do these things you can't be successful in the long run.


It's so easy to just see the number of likes, comments or people following your page and totally lose track of who those people actually are! And here's the kicker if you DON'T know anything about those people, chances are that your engagement is pretty low. That's why it's essential to know your audience.

But let's take it a step further... instead of looking at your audience as a whole, let's focus on one person. Why just focus on one person? Because one of the most important pieces of successful marketing is building a relationship with your audience.

Imagine you're the customer for a minute, we are much more likely to make a purchase from a person or company we know, like and trust, right? You want to feel like the company actually cares about you and the experience you have with their product vs. just being interested in making a buck. Now, as the business, how can you give your customer that level of comfort with you if you are only ever thinking about the big picture and never the individual?

So, how do we get focused on that one person? It's easy! Just imagine one person who is your ideal customer and in ever blog post, every Facebook post, every time you are creating a product, think specifically about that person.

What if you don't know who your ideal customer is? Answer these questions to start brainstorming:

1. Who do you like working with?
2. Who is the person who makes you feel most helpful when you work with them?
3. How old are they? What's their age? Gender?
4. What are their hobbies?
5. What other social media accounts or websites do they follow?
6. Do they have kids?
7. What is the number one problem they have you can help with?
8. Where do they hang out?
9. What's their income? How much would they pay for a product/service?
10. Who do you NOT want to work with?



What is the number one thing you can do to totally kill that like/know/trust? BE FAKE!

We are better trained than ever to know a fake when we see them, and are more mistrusting and suspicious than ever. Maybe it's the internet, reality tv, or just the times, but we are sick of the B.S. and just want people to be real with us.

This is actually a great thing! It means that the biggest thing you can do to build like/know/trust with your audience is just BE YOURSELF! How cool is that? 



What does your personal life have to do with your business? Remember last week we talked about authenticity? Well you can't be authentic without revealing at least a few tidbits about yourself. 

You don't have to tell your entire life story in every blog post or live stream, but you need to feel accessible to people. They will not like/know/trust you unless they can get to know at least some of who you really are.  

You're going to have to feel out what is right for you. Getting personal simple means letting people see a side of you that isn't super buttoned up or polishedand gives them a glimpse into your character. 

For example, I'm a mom. I was a mom blogger before I transitioned the skills I learned from blogging into being a business consultant. So motherhood is a huge part of who I am. If you catch a live stream of mine, chances are my almost 2 year old daughter will make an appearance. If anyone in my audience has a problem with that, then they aren't my ideal customer. (remember we talked about identifying your ideal customer a couple weeks ago?)

I'm kind of a... let it all hang out there kind of person. My husband and I will randomly do a live stream about our marriage and how we are learning to balance everything between both working, having a toddler and trying to keep our relationship strong. But you might not be comfortable with that. Maybe for you, letting people in is sharing your devotion to your fur babies, or your involvement in your church group. 

The bottom line is, approach this like a new friendship. What would you share with a new friend? What would you want to know about a person you just to met? How can you help people get to know you a little better?

AND don't stress about it! Just have fun any be yourself. :)



Let's say you just had an amazing date with someone. The conversation was effortless, you're physically attracted to them, you have common interests... you kiss them goodnight and never talk to them again.

That would be awful right?! So don't do that to your customers. Make sure you always have a CALL TO ACTION (CTA).

You just spent all of this time identifying your ideal customer, being authentic, getting to know them, letting your hair down and getting personal. Things are going great! So make sure you have a second date.

What is the next step they can take in their relationship with you? Is it joining your email list? Buying your product? Liking your page? Watching a video? Downloading your awesome new PDF?

THEY WILL NOT DO ANY OF THAT IF YOU DON'T ASK THEM. I can't tell you how many times I'm watching a live stream and I'm thinking... "Wow! This is great info!" Do I automatically share it with my followers? NO! Because I just don't think of it. But as soon as the person talking asks me to share I will hit that share button almost every time.

The point is, even your most loyal fans won't know what the next step you want them to do is unless YOU TELL THEM! Be strategic, thoughtful, but not shy about making sure everything you do includes a call to action from now on. :) 

Ready? Now get to it! Go out there and start sharing and talking to your ideal customer. Follow these steps and you'll be on the path to success at online marketing.

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