What Kind of Business Should I Start?

You're sick of your 9-5 and want to go into business for yourself, but you don't know what to do! So many ideas, so many passions, so many options! Soon you're stuck in the Shiny Objects Syndrome trap in which so many of us end up. How do you avoid this? Well... through an amazing conversation I had with a client the other day I found one great tip I will share with you when you're asking, what kind of business should I start?

I find that a lot of times, we don't necessarily hate all of what our jobs entail, but rather we want the freedom to do the parts we love and eliminate the ones we don't.

So sit down with a piece of paper and answer these questions:

1. What do I love about this job?

2. What do I hate about this job?

3. If I could wave a magic wand, what would I do to make this job perfect for me?

4. What skills am I using in this job?

5. Where do I shine in this job? (ex. leadership, writing, sales, communication and messaging, etc.)

Now take a look at that list. What do you notice? I will tell you from my own experience that in my old 9-5 there were some things that I absolutely loved and absolutely hated!

I loved helping people, talking to people, strategizing on how we would win a campaign or recruit new people. I loved anything I could do from a computer.

I hated commuting, having a boss, not having my work tied to the amount of money I made (up to the boss or structure), working with people who I didn't like and didn't like me. 

So now I have synthesized those loves and hates into my current business: consulting. 

This may or may not make a light bulb go off for you, but I think it's an important exercise to go through. So many times we just want to get out of where we are that we don't think about the good aspects of it and how we can incorporate them into a new business venture. 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You don't have to have some brilliant new idea that no one has ever had before. The truth is... almost all the great ideas have already been had. Rather identify the skills you have and how you can bring those to people in a different way than you currently are. 

Do you love creating trainings in your current job and teaching new hires? Awesome! In your own business can you replicate similar trainings and market them to a new audience? 

Do you love writing, but don't love writing about what your boss tells you to? Great! Start freelancing!

And here's one more tip. What you decide to do now doesn't limit what you can do in the future. 

This was one that I have had to learn along the way. I thought I had to have the ultimate vision of what my business would be and know every single step it would take along the way to get there. The truth is, you will change and your business will change. So don't be afraid to just jump in with what you have now and be willing to pivot and adjust later. 

I would love to know if this has been helpful to you! Feel free to comment below or tweet me @morganbattista!

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