Why Power is Important for Women Entepreneurs

One day while meditating I had a vision. I was in the eye of a storm. All around the wind was blowing, people were fighting, the earth itself felt like it was twisting around me. Then it quickly stopped. And all those around me fighting now looked up at me as I stood on a rocky hill. Then they bowed down to me.  

I immediately felt uncomfortable. I thought, “Why is my subconscious telling me I want to be powerful like this? I don’t need people’s adoration. I don’t need people to bow down to me.” 

Then this little thought in my mind popped up. It said, “Why do you resist power? There is nothing wrong with wanting people to bow down to you. For people must follow you and show you deference in order for them to believe and trust in your message. Power is not good nor bad. It just is. It is a tool to be used by you for the good.” 

I have dreams. Goals. Aspirations. I literally want to change the world. I want my children to change the world. I want to help create a more loving, just, fair and equitable world.  

How can I expect to do that without accumulating power? 

Power is necessary.  

But I see woman after woman deny their power because it feels… well it just feel icky doesn’t it? The thought of trying to accumulate power feels greedy, it feels self-serving.  

Let’s be honest. Some/Many people will build their own power in order to do harm and not promote love. In order to create wealth at the expense of other. In a way that is both selfish and destructive to others.  

You are not like that. If you are reading this, I would bet that is not why you are doing what you are doing. 

You have a mission. You have a purpose. In order to fulfill that mission or purpose, you need to accumulate power.  

The most obvious example is this: 

You are an entrepreneur, and have a service or product to sell. One of the first steps is to build an audience. Build a following. Unless you are planning to hoodwink that audience, sell them crappy goods, and not fulfill the services you promise to provide, then it is a great thing! You must build a following. You must have people who believe in you enough to purchase something from you. 

This is power. It’s power to be able to put your thoughts, ideas, art, products, words, music, and more out into the world and feel the energy of people responding positively to them.  

That doesn’t feel so icky does it? No! It feels amazing! 

It’s time that we demand our power. That we no longer put ourselves in the corner because we are afraid we will appear greedy or less moral for wanting to have power in the world.  

Without power, we will accomplish nothing. 

What does this power look like to you? Does thinking about building power make you uncomfortable?  Comment below or tweet me.