My favorite tools

These are the programs and tools I use every day in my business and give them my 100% endorsement. 

NOTE: These links are affiliate links! Which means if you choose to purchase one of these tools I will get a small cut of the sale at no extra cost to you. :)


If you're serious about building a business you MUST build your email list. I personally use ConvertKit because:

  • It's super easy to use and I love the chart on the homepage showing your progress.
  • I can segment lists simply and easily so I can send emails to just specific portions of my list.
  • ConvertKit has landing pages so you can start capturing leads to add to your list, and deliver freebies like PDF's to them in one click.
  • They have an email sequence template so you can quickly build and email sequence that will be automatically be sent to new subscribers.

Click the ConvertKit logo above or right here to get started with ConvertKit.

Wondering if ConvertKit is right for you? Watch this ConvertKit tutorial I did on Facebook Live. 

LeadPages is the #1 landing page builder for a reason. Here are my favorite things about LeadPages:

  1. There are tons of pre-made templates that are literally drop and drag, so you can easily create landing pages in minutes.
  2. Easily install tracking codes so you can track conversions with Facebook and other ads! If you have any inclination of running FB ads, you need to be to track what your money is getting you, and with Leadpages it's pretty simple.
  3. It integrates easily with ConvertKit! Since I use ConvertKit I need a landing page builder that will work well with my email system. I told you ConvertKit has landing page, so why do I need another software for creating landing pages? Simply, LeadPages is more advanced with more options. ConvertKit landing pages are a great place to start but when you outgrow those landing pages, LeadPages is where it's at!

To get started with LeadPages just click the logo above or right here.


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