Ready to scale your business and take social media to the next level?

That’s my jam.

I work with you to create and implement an overall social media strategy that includes both organic and paid traffic to your products and services. 

Our number one goal is… Money of course! We aren’t on social media for business to be able to say we have a million likes or are the most popular. 


We want to be the most PROFITABLE.

But a close second for many business owners is lightening up your load. You’ve probably DIY’d a ton of your business and marketing strategy so far, but you only have so many hours in a day. So a lot of times this whole social media marketing piece just kind of falls right off your plate.

That’s ok! It means you’ve had success! You’ve grown to the point that you need help.

Let’s decrease that workload, and make sure you spend your time on the things only you can do.

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“I knew managing my social media and ads was something that I could do myself. So I would start strong and then two weeks later, I’d be back to where I was before. I kept doing that repetitive cycle, but then realized I can not do it all…
Once I spoke to Morgan and talked about the vision, goals and direction we were really on the same page and it clicked. She saw my vision and added to it. It was easy to move forward with that because we were on the same page. We’ve been working together for 3-4 months now…
For the first time in ScratchMeNot history, we are organized on the social media front… It’s been a great journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds now that we are moving at a faster pace because we are organized and not just throwing spaghetti at the wall.
Of course I would recommend Morgan to anyone who needs a social media eye and strategy and implementation to get it done, to get results, to even troubleshoot why results aren’t occurring more quickly.”
Andrea Thomas

Founder, ScratchMeNot